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SCA East Kingdom Badges

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These are quite a few badges of various orders, awards, etc., in the East Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism. There is a more complete list in the article Etcetera - The East Kingdom by Mistress Jessa d'Avondale, and in Ranks, Titles and Customs in the East Kingdom of the SCA by Master Tibor of Rock Valley, both with pictures and explanations. I've split the patterns into two main groups of four patterns each, mostly for ease in downloading, and recently added the double-rose patterns for the Queen's Order of Courtesy.

The first group contains the Orders of High Merit. The Order of Sagittarius is awarded for skill in archery and the badge is: Azure, a sagittary passant to sinister, the human torso turned to dexter Or. The Order of the Tygers Combattant is for prowess in combat and the badge is: Per pale Or and azure, two tygers combattant counterchanged. The Order of the Manche (sometimes spelt "Maunche") is for excellence in the arts and its badge is: Per pale Or and purpure, a maunche counterchanged. The Order of the Silver Crescent is awarded for surpassing service. That badge has two forms and the one shown is: Or, in pale a crescent inverted and an Eastern crown argent. The more common version is "fieldless" (it may be shown on any color background) and is: In pale a crescent inverted argent and an Eastern crown Or. In both cases, the tips of the crescent are usually depicted as touching the outer points of the crown, but this is an artistic convention and not strictly required by the blazon.

The second group contains various awards and the general badge of the East. The Order of the Burdened Tyger is for work at a major event above and beyond the normal call of duty, and the badge is: Or, a tyger sejant erect, forepaws clasped over its head, azure. The Order of the Tyger's Cub is given to children of excellent virtue and decorum and the badge is: Or, a tyger sejant azure, its forepaws resting on a torteau. The Blue Tyger is the general badge of the East and may be displayed by anyone in the kingdom on any color background. The blazon is: A tyger passant azure. The Golden Tyger is given by the Royalty to show appreciation of artistic works of great skill or merit and though the badge has not yet passed, it's been submitted as: Fieldless, a demi-tyger erect Or issuant from a flame gules/proper.

The Queen's Order of Courtesy is given for those who set an example that all should follow. The double roses are usually embroidered (or formed in some other way) on an actual white leather or fabric glove, and the blazon includes the glove: On a dexter glove aversant argent, a rose azure charged with another Or.

As usual, my patterns are designed to balance detail and size. Most of the roundel patterns are 36 stitches in diameter, except for the Silver Crescent which is 37 stitches. The smaller QOC rose is 25 stitches by 25 stitches, and the larger is 49 stitches wide by 48 stitches high. These sizes should work well for medallions and favors, but would probably look too crude for large scale articles such as seat cushions or table coverings. The larger QOC rose is adapted from the center of an English three-layer rose from 1601, with the same design and shading (but different colors).

You are free to download the design and symbol information for personal use, or any purpose other than personal profit, as long as due credit is given for the pattern. See the Usage page also. Charts copyright 2002/2003 by Carol Hanson (Caryl de Trecesson).

Orders of High Merit: color picture (GIF file)
East Kingdom Orders of High Merit
Other Awards and Badges (GIF file)
Other East Kingdom Awards and Badges
Queen's Order of Courtesy (GIF files)
Queen's Order of Courtesy - small

Queen's Order of Courtesy - large

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