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Caryl de Trecesson

(Carol Hanson)
curriculum vitae in Societate

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Caryl de Trecesson Joined fall of 1972 (AS VII) in the Barony of Carolingia.
SCA Membership Card number "1311" (but no longer a paying member)

Office held in the past:

Mistress of Arts & Sciences, Barony of Carolingia
Guildmistress Calligrapher's Guild, Barony of Carolingia
Guildmistress Mummers, Barony of Carolingia
Historian/Archivist, Barony of Carolingia
Pursuivant-at-Large, Barony of Carolingia
Webminister/Chronicler, Canton of the Towers
Guildmistress Needleworkers, Barony of Carolingia

Event Staff Positions:

Ivanhoe Revel, 1973, co-autocrat
Harvest Festival of the Arts, 1980, autocrat
Masked Ball: The Sea, 1981, autocrat
A Midsummer Night's Dream, 1982, co-autocrat
The Old Wives Tale, 1984, autocrat
GODFRABFAP (Good Old Days Feast, Revel, and Baronial Fifteenth Anniversary Party), 1986, autocrat
Valentine's Feast and Revel, 1987, autocrat
University of Carolingia, 1988, kitchener
Pre-Pennsic Schola, 2000 (not an official SCA event), autocrat
Baronial Investiture, 2002, autocrat
Queen's Court in Carolingia, 2003, kitchener for desserts
Schola, 2003, kitchener for dayboard
Fall Coronation, 2004, merchant coordinator
Twa Corbies Tavern, 2009, autocrat

Awards, honors, etc.:

Arms awarded, 1978
Queen's Honor of Distinction (Queen Elspeth), 1997
Golden Lyres:
   * Performance, Scenes from Shakespeare, 2002
   * Needlework, Bradford Pincushion, 2003
Companion of the following orders (in order of induction):
   * Carolingian Order of the Moon (arts), 1978
   * Order of the Maunche (arts), 1983
   * Carolingian Order of the Daystar (service), 1987
   * Order of the Silver Crescent (service), 2002
   * Order of the Laurel (arts), 2004

Some activities over the years:

Acting/Mummers - performed in numerous works since 1978, from small mummings to Shakespearean plays; directed several mummings, a players group at Pennsic (1987), a production of The Birds, and a "good parts" version of The Lion in Winter; participant in the Directors Workshop
Archery - have bow, but have only shot at a very few practices and events
Autocrats Breakfast Table - founder of a discussion group for those interested in running events
Brewing - occasional member of the Carolingian Brewers' Guild and EK Brewers list; three time winner of Great Northeastern War Brewing Contest prize for Cordials
Calligraphy - charter member of the Carolingian Calligraphers' guild and past guildmistress
Cookery - occasional researcher and volunteer; once prepared a Lenten feast for 100 in a hall without a kitchen
DragonBear - on-line articles on needlework, oaths of fealty, medieval correspondence, jerky recipes, preparing for Pennsic, etc., etc.
Heraldry - past pursuivant-at-large for book heraldry
Jongleurs - past participant in vocal
Needlework - charter member of the Carolingian Needleworkers guild; published "Designs, Period" book of patterns with both original designs and designs charted from period sources (now on-line); several beads from Athena's Thimble and working on more
Poetry - won written poety category for Northern Lights in 2008 for "Four Selections from a Sonnet Cycle"
Teaching - classes at baronial events, Great NE War, Boredom War, Pennsic, EK Universities, etc.

Classes taught:

Sixteenth Century Samplers
Introduction to Needlelace
An Elizabethan-Style Tassel
Lacis and Burratto
Comparative Jerky
Viking Bead Necklaces
Simple Coiled Viking Basket

Outside the SCA:

If you'd like to check out my other art projects, you can see them at the website CHanson Design

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