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The Twa Corbies Tavern

Baronial Performance Event, March 21, A.S. XLIII (2009 C.E.)

Bill of Fare

To Be Served from 2 O'Clock till 8 O'Clock in the Main Common Room

For the Day, Starting from 2 O'Clock:

Dish of Meatballs, of Beef & Lamb: $1.50
Meat Pasty : $1.00
Apple Pasty : $1.00
Egg, Hard-Cooked : $0.50
Ploughmans's Plate of Cheese & Pickle : $1.00
Townsman's Plate of Cheese & Fruit : $1.50
Sweet Shortbread, 2 Pieces : $0.50

More Substantial Fare, Starting from 4 O'Clock:

Slice of Mushroom Pie : $1.00
Bowl of Beef Stew : $2.00
Bowl of Pease Porridge : $1.00

Drinks Served at the Tavern:

Cider, Hot or Cold : $0.50
Sekanjabin : $0.50
Hypocritical Hypocras (lacking in alcohol) : $1.00

For Ordering Ahead of Time Only, reserved for your party, monies to be posted by the 10th of March:

Whole of a Mushroom Pie (8 slices) : $6.00
Whole of an Apple Pie (8 slices) : $6.00
Whole Roasted chicken ('twould serve at least 4) : $8.00

The tavern provides its own silverware, bowls, platters, and cups for serving its patrons, but if you wish to bring your own gear, this is allowed. (Though the tavern staff will not clean it for you! So be prepared to carry your dishes away uncleaned.)

There may be a need for additional serving staff, with suitable wages if so. People may apply for positions at the tavern on the day, or, even better, arrange for shifts ahead of time by contacting the tavern.

If you have questions about the menu, or anything else, please send them to: tavern@dragonbear.com

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