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DragonBear's Dog Treat Recipes Resource

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This is an ancient (in internet years) compilation of dog-treat and dog-food recipes that were found on the web or in a newsgroup or email list long, long ago. All recipes have the sources listed with them. You are NOT ALLOWED to distribute in any way without keeping the attribution(s) attached. You are NOT ALLOWED to distibute these for money (even for a charitable purpose) without obtaining permission from the original source(s). If you are a source for any of these recipes and do not wish your recipe to appear here, please send e-mail to chanson@dragonbear.com and it will be removed as soon as possible. If you are not the only source, your name and version will be removed but the other versions will remain. If you need additional information in order to contact a source, please send e-mail with your query. (I have e-mail addresses for most of the sources, but did not put them on the web pages since the addresses would then become fodder for spam-marketing e-mail collection bots.)

Even back then, there were hundreds of dog-treat recipes available in cyberspace, but a search quickly found that many of them were either (1) the same recipe under different names, or (2) minor variations of a popular recipe. This collection compiles those recipes into a single entry.

No new recipes are being added to these pages, but new information does come out as to what foods may be dangerous for dogs. Recipes with raisins or grapes have had those ingredients removed. Recipes with onions and garlic have had those ingredients removed and the edited amount noted. For these, and especially for garlic, the evidence seems linked to larger amounts than contained in most recipes. If you feel "better safe than sorry" then leave them out. The recipes should still be tasty enough without them. If you'd like to review on your own, here's general study information: "Some food toxic to pets"(2009); for onions: "An experimental study of hemolysis induced by onion (Allium cepa) poisoning in dogs"(2008); for garlic, a discussion here with link to the most commonly cited study: "Homeopathic and Natural Dog Supplements : Garlic".

As with any recipe, it's up to you (and your vet/doctor) whether you feel any other ingredients such as cheese, milk, oil, eggs, yeast, gluten, etc., are appropriate or dangerous. And you're the one with the experience to know whether your dog's digestive system can tolerate them or not. Other than that, the recipes should still work as well for your dogs as they ever did.

May you and your canine friends enjoy the results!

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