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SCA Peerage Badges: Laurel and Pelican

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These are the badges for two of the peerage level awards in the Society for Creative Anachronism. The Laurel is awarded for excellence in the arts, and the Pelican is awarded for service to the Society. The backgrounds are optional: as registered through the College of Heralds, the laurel wreath and the pelican may be used on any color background or without any background at all.

The laurel wreath has been a symbol of excellence since classical times. Apollo (god of music, arts, and the sun) sought the affections of a nymph who refused him. In order to escape his attentions, she was transformed into a laurel tree. In sorrow and shame, Apollo wove a wreath of the leaves and said it would be valued above any other crown.

The pelican was a medieval symbol of piety and self-sacrifice. It was believed that if no other food could be found, a pelican would wound itself to feed its young on its own blood. Heraldically, this depiction is of "a pelican vulning itself." An alternative depiction would be of the wounded pelican in the nest of young birds and that would be called "a pelican in its piety."

Both patterns are 36 stitches high by 36 stitches wide.

You are free to download the design and symbol information for personal use, but please keep the copyright information attached. See the Usage page also. Charts copyright 2000 by Carol Hanson.

"Order of the Laurel Badge" : color picture, GIF file, 10K
Laurel: color
"Order of the Laurel Badge" : symbols, GIF file, 10K
Laurel: symbol
"Order of the Laurel Badge" : key information, GIF file, 3K
Laurel: key
"Order of the Pelican Badge" : color picture, GIF file, 10K
Pelican: color
"Order of the Pelican Badge" : symbols, GIF file, 8K
Pelican: symbol
"Order of the Pelican Badge" : key information, GIF file, 3K
Pelican: key

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