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"Keeshond in the Round" Needlework Pattern

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This design was created in honor of my own Keeshond, "Lonnie", AKC "Candray Silver Screen." Keeshonden, sometimes known as Dutch Barge Dogs, have been around for over 500 years as general purpose companions and farm dogs. They are excellent with children and other animals, and are great watchdogs without being aggressive. If you'd like to learn more about the breed, please visit the Keeshond Home Page.
The design itself is 40 stitches by 40 stitches in 8 colors of floss. You are free to download the design and symbol information for personal use, but please keep the copyright information attached. See the Usage page also. Please contact me for permission to use for non-profit fundraising. Copyright 1998 by Carol Hanson.
"Keeshond in the Round" : color picture, GIF file, 34K
Kees in the Round: color
"Keeshond in the Round": symbol pattern, GIF file, 29K
Kees in the Round: symbol
"Keeshond in the Round": pattern key information, GIF file, 7K
Kees in the Round: info

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