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Kali Harlansson of Gotland

(Caleb Hanson)
curriculum vitae in Societate

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Kali Harlansson of Gotland In Memoriam...
Master Kali Harlansson of Gotland died on March 15, 2015. There is a very lovely tribute to him on the East Kingdom Gazette website.

Joined fall of 1974 (AS IX) in the borough of Duncharloch in the Barony of Carolingia.

Offices held:

Provost of Duncharloch, 1977-78
Seneschal of Carolingia, 1979-1984
Principal, Order of the Daystar, 1985?-1988
Deputy Knight Marshal, 1986-1987?
Central Region Deputy Seneschal, 1991-1992
Seneschal, Canton of the Towers, 2002-2005


University of Carolingia, 1976, co-autocrat
Wedding Feast for Laura de Segovia & David Hawkwood, 1978, co-autocrat
University of Carolingia, 1986

Awards, honors, etc.:

Arms awarded, 1978
Companion of the following orders (in order of induction):
      * Carolingian Order of the Daystar, 1982
      * East Kingdom Silver Crescent, 1983
      * East Kingdom Maunche, 1987
      * Carolingian Order of the Moon, 1988
      * Queen's Order of Courtesy, 1997
      * Order of the Laurel, 2004
      * Order of the Troubadour, 2009

Ladies' Champion of Carolingia, 1984-1985

Some activities over the years, with a few particulars noted:

Storytelling - co-founder (with Mustapha) of the baronial Guild of Storytellers, c. 1987
Heavy List - sword & shield, spear; one of the three "1A" thanes/thegns/squires to Duke Vissevald Selkirksson
Acting - performed in 21 scripted plays and at least 4 unscripted (Commedia); directed 3 plays
University of Carolingia - lectured at least 11 times between 1976 and 2004; rector ("lecture-crat") at least three times
Teaching - classes at Ivory Keep University, Military History and History Symposium seminar series, and other venues (East Kingdom University, Great NE War, Festival of Storytelling, etc.)
Archery - charter member of the Carolingian Company of Bowmen
Jongleurs - both vocal and instrumental
All That - a recurring column on medieval history in the Carolingian Minuscule newsletter and on the web at www.dragonbear.com

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Caleb's All That articles can be found here:

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