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decorative bar

Gemstone Buttons & Bars

decorative bar

These are all GIF images. The large squares are 50x50 pixels, the small squares are 30x30, the bars are 50x170, the small diamonds are 41x41, and the large diamonds are 71x71. Please remember to check the Usage page before downloading.
Copyright 1999 by Carol Hanson.
red gem square small red gem square red gem bar small red gem diamond red gem diamond
purple gem square small purple gem square purple gem bar small purple gem diamond purple gem diamond
amber gem square small amber gem square amber gem bar small amber gem diamond amber gem diamond
green gem square small green gem square green gem bar small green gem diamond green gem diamond
blue gem square small blue gem square blue gem bar small blue gem diamond blue gem diamond
black gem square small black gem square black gem bar small black gem diamond black gem diamond
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