The Crusades: A Handy Mnemonic Verse
(to the tune of "This Old Man")

This Crusade, number One,
Led by Baldwin, Bohemond,
Robert of Flanders, Raymond of Toulouse -
And Godfrey is the king they choose.

Next Crusade, number Two:
Edessa's lost, what shall we do?
Take Damascus, both the kings decide,
Even though it's on our side.

This Crusade, Number Three:
One of Philip's eyes can't see,
Barbarossa dies along the way,
Lionheart can't quite win the day.

The Fourth Crusade goes in debt,
What Venice wants it now will get:
Seize that Mediterranean jewel,
Constantinople (not Istanbul).

Egypt's next, number Five:
Keep the Crusading dream alive.
Pelagius holds out for too much too long -
In the end it turns out he was wrong.

This Crusade, number Six:
Pope and Emperor don't mix.
For one thing, Frederick's excommunicate,
And Real Men don't negotiate.

Saint Louis, Sept et Huit,
Sets sail with a record fleet.
Egypt first and Tunis afterward,
But the Germ is mightier than the Sword.


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text copyright 1997 by Caleb Hanson (e-mail)
illustrations adapted from the Clipart Castle free graphics collection


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