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Caryl de Trecesson (Carol Hanson)

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Recipe Redactions

Drie Marmelet of Peches: a 1596 English recipe for peach "marmalade" candies
Torta de Melones: a 1599 Spanish recipe for a melon tart
Quarter Tart of Pippins: a 1615 English recipe for an apple-filled puff pastry
Florentine of Veale: a combination of two English recipes (1596 and 1615) for a puff pastry with a meat and fruit filling
Tart with Dried Plums: a 1553 German recipe for a prune pie
Torta from Gourds: a re-redaction of a 1475 Italian recipe for a squash and cheese pie
Checky of Leaches: a checkerboard or chessboard of milk-based gelatins, based on a 1596 English recipe
Aqua Composita for a Surfet: a 1596 English cordial recipe with documentation on the medicinal qualities of the herbal ingredients
Cordials: general documentation on period cordials with recipes and redactions

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Arts and Sciences

Needlelace Handkerchief: a late 16th century linen handkerchief with silk reticella, punto-in-aria, and drawn thread work
Jane Bostocke's Strawberries: a late 16th century English count-work and padded work insert on a wooden box
Bradford Pincushion: a late 16th century English tent-stitch pincushion with covered tassels
Viking Pendant Necklace: a 9th century Norse "treasure" necklace of glass and semi-precious beads with hanging metal pendants, based on the Hon find

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